Jon Snyder

“Music is the force that moves us. It is the proof that we are intelligent, creative, and infinite beings, temporarily occupying this physical space. I want nothing more than to be responsible for changing the world through artistic expression and creation. Capturing what is beautiful, good, and true is a challenge that I willfully accept. The concept of right vs wrong, true vs untrue are nearly out of the grasp of the human consciousness, though it is beauty that the spirit of man may intimately know and strive to achieve.”

Jon has been involved with music since before he can remember. He has a passion to facilitate in the creation of timeless, high-fidelity music that drives and supports the human experience. It has been the primary motivation for the choices he has made and the path he has chosen to take.

Hailing from the midwest, Jon has consistently been learning and growing in the fields of music, science, and engineering. He began recording music in high school, helped to organize and assist a class on digital recording in his home town, and later moved to Nashville where he ran sound at a local venue from 2005 – 2007. While running sound his curiosity of the relationship between electronics and audio led him to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, which he recently received from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

With an education in electrical engineering and a passion to create and record music he set off for the west coast in late 2013, landing safely in Eugene, and has joined the family at Sprout City and plans to help local and regional musicians meet there goals and make there musical dreams become reality.

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