Jason Bailey

Jason bears a burning musical passion and incredible attention to detail that is sure to invoke a wonderful recording.

Native to Eugene Oregon, Jason has experienced a wide exposure to culture and music that has developed into a strong interest in all genres of music. This no-music-left-behind approach to his enjoyment of music helps him connect with each and every musician on a close personal level.

Jason studied music technology, theory, composition, and performance at Lane Community College and is proficient with many instruments and styles.

As an engineer at Sprout City since 2007, he has worked tirelessly in the field of sound, audio and music.

Jason has toured the country as a live sound engineer, stage manager, audio archivist, and performer; and remains active in these roles regionally.

By making sure there is a fresh approach to your session he makes the process as creative as possible.

Give him a call today and make your vision come to life.

Contacting Jason:

Ph. – 541.359.6274 or Email


Give us a call or send us a message @ 541-687-0947

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