Album Production

We have several engineers who love to double as producers with compatible artists.
Album production is an intimate affair, as the artist and producer are trying to become one mind and one heart on the task of making the music the best it can be.

For many years there was only one version of a producer: a record producer…

Nowadays however, many people get confused because there are commonly 2 kinds of producers. Their respective functions are outlined in the corresponding articles below. Hopefully we can help clear up the confusion…

Record Producers

The purpose of having a record producer is to receive real-time constructive feedback and to be given strong and focused direction into what you are trying to achieve. A producer plays many roles in the album recording process, and every record needs a different approach. Working mainly as a link between the listener and the artist, a good producer is one who SEES the music for its potential and can help the artist develop it further. Production is a collaborative art.


Beat Producers

A beat producer is someone who creates original compositions of rhythmic structures that a rapper or soul artist writes lyrics for. Beats can be created exclusively for one artist or licensed out to multiple parties. Depending on the arrangement, this is generally where this relationship ends…

Though sometimes, an artist will use the same beat producer for many albums and have them tailor beats to their style and even arrange songs or parts. In this case, the producer would give sway to the final outcome of an album, just as album producers might.

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