August has been another great month to be recording music at Sprout City. Thank you to all the musicians/VO talent that worked with us this month: Jake Martini, Paleons, Bobby Wentz, Andy Land, August, Jaapur, Iron Streets, Chris Brail, Sojourner, Andrea.

We’ve added to our ridiculous amount of outboard gear with a Rupert Neve Designs 5024 Portico Quad Mic Preamp, and a Sebatron VMPQuadPlus 4 Channel Tube Mic Pre. We’ve been running all sorts of sounds through these and they’re fantastic! Making great music doesn’t rely on having new and flashy gear, but it doesn’t hurt, and sometimes a new sound can just inspire you.

Last month we wrapped up Battle of the Bands, and it’s been a little while since then, but we didn’t want to miss a chance to highlight how much of a success the event it was. Thanks go to our amazing bands that participated and submitted music, we cannot say enough how much we appreciate you all and your contributions to Eugene music. Thank you to our finalists, Fools, Sometimes Blind, Ryan Gordon, and our winners this year Astro Gala. You all put on amazing performances for our finals and it wasn’t easy trying to pick from among you. A huge thanks and major props goes to our very own Chandra Sylvio, who put this event together out of nothing; she reached into the void and in her fist she emerged with an awesome chance for local bands to get their names out and win some great prizes. This event is an incredible amount of work and Chandra killed it again.

This month we re-introduced our blog (as you can see). We will be making regular weekly blog posts every Wednesday. We hope you read them and let us know if the content is helpful or if you have ideas for topics. (Those of you who might be interested in submitting articles for the studio blog please contact us).

In addition to the written media, we’ve started our YouTube Channel with a couple series of videos.One being A Thing or Two with Thaddeus, where we sit down and ask Thaddeus to share his opinion and experience in the music business and recording world. He won’t admit it, but he’s got a lot of great stuff to share. So far topics include Habits of Pro Musicians and the Origin Story of Sprout City. Coming soon are talks about whether you might need a Producer, the best advice he’s been given, and how to stay motivated as a creative person. Check those out!

Thank you again to all of you in our little community of music lovers and recording enthusiasts. It’s because of you that the studio went from a little bean sprout warehouse in 1997 into one of Eugene’s main recording studios. Go make some great music!




  1. Loftan - Mystery Blue 4:00
  2. CatLike Reflexes - Velvet Red 4:37
  3. Rye Wolves - Tearing At The Shapes 8:08
  4. Caitlyn Jemma - Healing Waters 4:42