Braillyn Krill

Braillyn Krill


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Braillyn is a passionate engineer and musician who is eager to bring artists’ visions to life. Being a perfectionist and recording artist herself, she knows the importance of feeling fully content with a finished record. She does anything she can to make the recording experience inspiring for everyone involved. Including being flexible with budgets, creative processes, and schedules.

Braillyn has always had a passion for music, dance, and art in general. She grew up playing guitar and singing bluegrass music with her family from a very young age. As she got older, she starting writing and performing original music with her little sister Piper. After much encouragement from her audience and family, she started looking into music production. At first, the recording world was very confusing and daunting. Although she kept going, getting back up after failures, and soon found herself earning an Associate in Music Production & Technology from Lane Community College. She plans to transfer to a university to continue studying music production in the next couple of years.

“I will always have a love for music, dance, and art and how they all are so universally intertwined within everyone’s life whether they know it or not”

  1. Loftan - Mystery Blue 4:00
  2. CatLike Reflexes - Velvet Red 4:37
  3. Rye Wolves - Tearing At The Shapes 8:08
  4. Caitlyn Jemma - Healing Waters 4:42