Why people will always love Singer-Songwriters

Why people will always love Singer-Songwriters

  On every street corner, on every other social media post, and at every coffeeshop, it seems like there’s always somebody with a guitar singing away. Singer-songwriters are everywhere, and it’s shocking to see that people aren’t sick of us yet! From the early...

“You sound JUST like…”

“You sound JUST like…” Local musicians, picture this: Your last chord of your final song is ringing out in the venue and it’s sound is being overtaken by the applause from those in attendance. You grin, say goodnight into the mic, and then...

How to Sing in the Booth

  The studio can be a scary place for singers, even for seasoned performers that are used to playing in loud bars to strangers on the regular. If you haven’t had practice recording yourself singing, it can be nerve-wracking. Today we’re going to explore some...
  1. Loftan - Mystery Blue 4:00
  2. CatLike Reflexes - Velvet Red 4:37
  3. Rye Wolves - Tearing At The Shapes 8:08
  4. Caitlyn Jemma - Healing Waters 4:42