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This is where we’ll be posting weekly articles about studio news, recording tips, local artists, and more!

We at Sprout City are thrilled to be celebrating our 20th year in the music business! In an age when keeping a small business alive can seem impossible, we have been incredibly lucky to see two decades of steady growth, thanks to support from the local music scene. Recording music is our passion! Sprout City looks forward to continuing our commitment to helping develop and preserve Eugene’s artistic community.

For folks interested in learning the art of audio engineering, or musicians who want more knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes… we offer both Fundamental and Intermediate engineering classes, musical instrument and DAW lessons, recording workshops, and an internship program that gives students hands-on experience in the studio.

Last month, we began a new weekly event: Tuesday Night Song Salon. Similar to an open mic night, Song Salon gives artists a chance to showcase a song to people in the community who’d like to discover new music. Artists can bring their instruments to the studio, sign up at the door, and play a song. We record the artist’s performance live and give it to them on a cd for $10. This event is open to the public on Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm. Whether you’d like to showcase one of your own songs, or just relax, chat, and drink coffee while you listen to others play, this event is free at the door and open to all ages.

Earlier this year, we started a new tradition by hosting the first annual Battle of the Bands competition with the help of Whirled Pies, WOW Hall, and sponsorship from tons of generous local businesses. Stay tuned for news about next year’s series, and let us know if you have ideas to share.

Our owner & chief engineer, Thaddeus Moore, has spent the last few years building a separate studio for his new venture, Liquid Mastering. Now ready and open for business, this space sounds incredible. We’ll be posting photos, specs, and a brand new website soon! But for now, visit www.liquidmastering.com to learn more.

After 20 years… we aren’t about to slow down! Keep an eye on this blog to see what’s new.

– The Sprout City Crew


  1. Loftan - Mystery Blue 4:00
  2. CatLike Reflexes - Velvet Red 4:37
  3. Rye Wolves - Tearing At The Shapes 8:08
  4. Caitlyn Jemma - Healing Waters 4:42